Indonesian Black List Football Player


In 2008, Indonesian football entered the new round with the holding of the Super League. The format of this league was different from the league before with only used 18 clubs and certain conditions that must be met by each club participant. But, before it begun, we were startled with the issuing of player’s black list that might not be used by Indonesian clubs. That player blacklist made by PSSI as the highest Indonesia football organization that contained foreign players that often triggered occurrence the disturbance or indicated caused the dispute between the player in the Indonesian league before.
That players list are :
1. Claudionor Evaristo De Souza (Brasil/Persiraja)
2. Diego Antonio Mendieta Romero (Paraguay/PSSB)
3. James Koko Lomell (Liberia/PSMS)
4. Gustavo Roberto Chena (Argentina/PSMS)
5. Cristiano Miranda Barbosa (Brasil/Persikabo)
6. Vagner Luis Olivera Marins (Brasil/Pelita Jaya)
7. Carlos Pablo De Aguiar (Brasil/PSIM)
8. Jose Belo De Souza (Brasil/PSIM)
9. Jack Jone Machado Bretas (Brasil/PSIM)
10. Jaldecir Jesus Dos Santos (Brasil/Persik)
11. Caue Castro Menezes Benicio (Brasil/Persema)
12. Rodrigo Moreira Aldana (Paraguay/Persekabpas)
13. Adinaldo Teixeira De Oliveira (Brasil/Persebaya)
14. Sergio Diego Neves De Sousa (Brasil/Persma)
15. Leonardo Antonio Gutierrez (Chile/Persma)
16. Wilson Ferreira Carvalho (Brasil/Persiter)
17. Emerson Jose Reis Boccardo (Brasil/Persiter)
18. Vitor Anderson Ricardi (Brasil/Persiter)
19. Christopher Wreh (Liberia/Perseman)
20. Reginaldo Aparecido Estevao (Brasil/Perseman)
Our question is why PSSI made this list? Only emphasized the history of the player's club in his country or had the other reason? Although in their country they only playing in the lower division that not including in the PSSI provisions, the fact is, in Indonesia they playing very good, generally including starting eleven players in his club.