Work, work and work. That always was in my mind. I don’t know why, I always wanted to stir up myself with my work, it seems didn’t have time to laze around. I thought was 24 hour is not enough for me to do my work. I need more time ……
People says that a workaholics is a person who get away from everything else or avoid things to do his work. Am I one of that? I thing so. what all of you think about it? Should I be working on Saturdays too, or just it should be a holiday that adds on to a great weekend of two days with Sunday?
In this modern societies, with the development of science and technology, there're fierce competitions around us in all respects or aspects. I think that what make we be a workaholic, because to much competition between worker. So, if we didn’t become a workaholic person, we will be isolated from the world of the work.