Checking Your CPU Memory


RAM can be broken many negative effects on your system. Constant slopes, restart the computer, the system crashes, and sometimes refuse to start are signs of memory errors. Although these signs are also available for motherboard, hard disk, and the energy in supply. Fortunately, if you suspect that your memory is subject to cause a disturbance in the system are programs that check, the memory for their performance and they see if the error.

Memtest86 is an one of greats program for the diagnosis of memory. It is based on the original by Memtest86 since 1994. This is a test to check the memory, which means that it can be easy work, without a bootable operating system, it is good if you do not just seem to start your PC and want you to exclude memory as soon as possible. As you with your Memtest86 floppy disk drive, to test your memory.

Go and select the appropriate version. You can find the bootable ISO or pre-compiled floppy disk drive, depending on whether you want to burn a CD, or with your floppy drive. We are the details on disk method. Open the file. Zip files and extract in a folder and click install.bat, you are asked to "Give floppy disk drive goal:". Type A and press Enter, and you are invited to a formatted disk in the drive A: and press Enter - After you press enter, write files on disk, so you can start your computer using the floppy disk In order to test the error. If the disk has been formatted with memtest86, leave the disk in your floppy drive and restart the computer. Do not forget your floppy disk drive as the first boot device in the BIOS menu.

The program will automatically download and execute the tests for the diagnosis of memory on your computer. In examining whether the error, which they are present and at the end of the tests, he will tell you how many mistakes you did. After the Test your memory, if errors, you must make sure that your memory is acceptable, or by replacing the service and the problems, or even try your memory card into another system. If the memory with the tests, then go to something else troubleshooting with good faith that your memory is good.