Computer Virus


The viruses are pieces of software code that copies of itself, or to reproduce on your computer without your express written permission to do it. Forget obtain your permission on paper. The viruses are not only the permission to ask you all! In comparison, there are pieces of code to reproduce the inside of the computer, something of the nature of the view that you need. But the code is spreading, perhaps the whole network offices, with your consent (or at least your type of consent). These types code to reproduce appointed officials. In this article, but we do not speak the right or the staff. We are talking about the evil, the viruses.

A long, long time, there are in the years to be five, most viruses existed a race. You are in your computer, possibly through an attachment or a floppy disk. Then they have to one of your files, These were random other files on your hard drive, the files that are farther away from your programs, depending on viruses such as the writer wanted the virus to behave. This virus code hundreds or thousands of instructions. If it fits these instructions, which he files infected.

Since many other types of virus are there now, the kind is described as a classic viruses. Classic viruses, there is always, but they are not as prevalent as they were. In those days, in modern times, the viruses are invited to take part in the vulnerabilities in Web browser, files over the Internet, e-mails itself, and the EDP.

What are the affected Web browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer supports more than the heat for the spread of viruses because it is more people to navigate than any other browser. For example, let's say that you to a web page in Internet Explorer, you have every reason to think is safe. But unfortunately, it is not. It viruses hidden code in the background that IE does not protect you. If you are looking at the website, the virus is downloaded to your computer, he said. This is an opportunity to become an evil virus.

In the last two years, often a different way, a computer virus was by downloading the users share with each other, most of them on the websites of the sharing of music. The Kazaa or LimeWire, for example, youth and other lovers of music, might think that the download of the new songs Justin Timberlake, while in reality they are downloading a virus directly into their computer. It is easy for an author of viruses to a download with a virus on any of these areas, because the whole world is divided with the whole world somehow.

Here is you may have never thought. If you use Outlook or Outlook Express to send and receive e-mails, you have a preview pane below the list of your e-mails, which shows the content of the e-mail, you stressed? If so, you will be May in danger.

Forget opening the plant. All you have to do is that the e-mail, perhaps a virus. For example, you have never opened or an e-mail address that his "shop"? Well, if everything is "competent", a virus in the e-mail can download to your computer.

So, if I can, I click "show" in the toolbar in Outlook or Outlook Express and close the preview window. In a network in the workplace? You get a virus in this way. The worms are viruses that arrive in your computer via networks, Kuo said. They travel from machine to machine, and the difference, the classic viruses, he takes the machine itself and not the individual files.

OK, we have talked about how the virus into a computer. How can they damage than if they get there?

Let's say you have a classic viruses, a reply and that the attacks from various folders on your computer. Back to the example of the virus initially infects your program Microsoft Word.

Well, it could contribute to this program, the plant, last hill said. It can also cause damage to your computer, as he tried to new audiences to infect. This process to infect the objectives and the search for new, potentially with the capacity of your computer to work.

Often the destruction caused by virus, is linked to a specific event or date and time, called for a release. For example, a virus can be programmed to throw in his sleep, what to 28 January. If this date rolls around, but May be scheduled for some concern lot, but also how boring splash pop-up window on your screen, or something as serious as the hard disk of the computer.

There are other reasons that potential, even if a computer virus to the cause for his slow down or strange way. And that leads us to a new segment - the reason why the authors of viruses not want to lose their time to create the virus in the first place.

Most viruses are written by the young people to know. But a growing segment of the virus of the editors of the population has other intentions in mind.

The only goal is to create certain viruses, the vulnerability of your computer. Once it creates this type of drilling, or backdoor, they are at home from Mom or dada author of viruses (a bit like in ET). Once the virus receives the signal, writers, user, and they can from your computer to abuse to their own inclinations.

Trojans are sometimes used to the back door. In fact, is usually their only goal. The Trojans are pieces of code that you download to your computer, for example, a round-table discussion. As in the Trojan war, after they are, they are usually harmless, clad in pieces of code. But the Trojans are not as viruses, because they are not repeated.

OK, so that the perpetrators of viruses now take control of the computer. What are they used? One use is to send spam. Once the back door is open, they aufprallen spam reduction of these computers and send it to other machines, last hill said.

That's right. Some spam in your e-mail address for the first time in May, other computer innocent Before joining you may remain. If the authorities can trace the origin of the spammer, it rages against spam itself. Senders of spam that do not want.

Never heard of phishing e-mails? Those are the ones that say, from your Internet service provider or banks. They generally have a request information about how your credit card number. The problem is, they are not from your Internet provider or your bank. They are not good for people to your credit card number! Well, these e-mails are often in the same way spam is sent, through the deployment of innocents by the computer.

Of course, the manufacturer of anti-virus software, a variety of methods to combat viral infections. Norton, for example, uses the signature of digitalization, said after hill.

Signature scan is similar to the process of searching for traces of DNA, he said. Norton examines code to find that viruses are produced. He adds that these false statements to its large database of other bad code. Then he uses this comprehensive database to seek and to comply with the code itself code in your computer. If this virus code, you can know!