How To Keep CPU Clean


If your computer is much used, and preserve them during the hours at a time, it is a good idea, cleaning from time to time, one of the main problems is the dust. Cleaning of dust that can prolong the life of your computer and keep quiet operation and faster.

If you have a desktop computer, and the most important is the dust accumulates around the CPU fan and unity. To prevent your processor more heated, it is a cooling fan to a body, which over the processor to disperse the heat. This fan after breathing the air at the bottom of the heatsink to cool as the heat is transferred, instead of the CPU. As the fan of man ever to air, but also the hint of dust particles in the air in the cooler, over time, this risk to pollute computers heatsink reduces its effectiveness. Because of the dust your fan suddenly in may, faster, which in fact more expensive and long term. Normally, you can see if the fan is locked until the opening of your computer and watch. If your body is cooling fans clogged with dust and pollution research, this is a good idea to own him. By processing the inside of the computer or electricity network, the device is turned off and separated from the network, it is first.

The best way to the inside to clean your computer, a box compressed air and jets, you can buy this business with good hardware. The nozzle of the syringe is useful to these difficult places. In the syringe air on your computer, you do not have long to spray to the condensation May form with a few drops of water. After blowing the dust off your computers wells heat him a mild wipe with an anti-static cloth. You can also use compressed air to clean the unit of energy and the keyboard.

Cleaning inside the computer not long you have the right equipment, and once finished, you will notice an immediate improvement in the computer. The fan habit, you also need very, it is quieter and thank you for the processor operates at a temperature of the entire computer must usually be very little faster. I have tried to clean my computer every 3 months.