Motherboard Troubleshooting


Your motherboard is the backbone of the nervous system or the computer, all devices in your computer depends on your motherboard to ensure optimum functionality. It combines all equipment used in a PC and checks whether the devices are effectively communicate with each other. Characters on the main board of failure are that the PC does not start, but not reached the BIOS screen test, confused text, during and after the BIOS text screens, unusual system depends, different combinations of equipment which is not no work.

Since all devices are on the main board certain May not work if the mother is, trouble occurs, then set them for the examination before the start and then to buy new equipment. The first step would be a review of the main board to ensure that all cables are properly connected, the fan running at speeds best, and that the BIOS battery.

If the cable is not properly connected, the board refuse to start in May. For example, in old mother a few tips you can use the IDE cable in the wrong direction. Make sure that the PIN 1 on the motherboard is the color of the wire on the hard Cable.

Dying fans are another cause of motherboard. An old fan work with lower RPM and insufficient cooling for the CPU, and if the CPU temperature, particularly in the main board shut down the system. Make sure also to any leaks or faulty capacitors and burn marks on the back of the motherboard is it possible to immediately motherboard superfluous.

Other main reason for motherboard failure would be an ageing SMPS units. You can change your nutrition 2. There is software, including the motherboard ASUS PC sample and monitoring (works only with ASUS MB), you details about the voltage of the board, or if you need a replacement SMPS and verification by 'exchange with the SMPS.

If you can borrow friends motherboard you can try to exchange with the motherboard to see if that solves your problems, if your PC works very well, you need a motherboard of substitution. If you think that the motherboard is defective, and it is still under guarantee, you should be able to sack the manufacturer for a new one. Make sure that when purchasing a card mother should all on the packaging and cardboard and Warrenty cards, and there would be some modifications, the guaranteed if the panel damaged make sure not manipulate.