PC's Upgrade


Before you upgrade your PC is to take all the options and recommendations ask. Only with this, you can buy a new component. It is also to verify whether you really need is an update. Not to update your old PC, because it would cost much money. It is cheaper to buy a new computer in such cases because they are easier to improve later.

Hard disk upgrade :
The majority of people do not really need to improve their hard drive, unless they use a lot of music, movies and games. A hard drive with 20 GB is sufficient to new office and Internet applications, and all the files and data. A medium-sized disk of around 40 GB and the maximum duration is about 60 to 80 GB. Before the upgrade the hard drive, it is advisable to undertake a full examination of the hard disk, including scanners, defrag, etc. If you often are users and need more memory, you can use a slice of the additional existing.

RAM upgrade:
RAM or Random Access Memory is short-term memory of your PC. It manages the data, is now in preparation and may not be transferred to the hard disk is that the long-term memory on the computer. Current processors can have a considerable number of operations per second. The hard disk on the other hand, is much slower to process so much information. There, where a high-speed RAM into the game RAM requires a power supply for the data. Once the device is switched off, the data is lost.

CPU update:
If this update, you speed the execution of the instructions, it could be the RAM and the hard unchanged. The SIS is the most cost-effective upgrades and allows the efficiency of your computer considerably. Search professional help before you make a decision.

Motherboard upgrade :
Update of the motherboard is not a good proposal, unless the processor and memory and to reach and more power. You upgrade the motherboard or because the current does not support a faster processor or CPU requires a different outlet. It could be very expensive. Think about buying a new PC.