The Safest Way To Clean Your Registry


From the technology of repair computer, hold the Windows registry is not much. Due the experience, everybody completely comfortable opening up the regulation change, benefits and changes to improve the stability and overall performance of a PC. Sometimes they forget, even if dicey how difficult it is to change the Windows Registry and normally this type of maintenance should only through a computer professional. However, there is always a little adventurous types who like to tinker with their computers. There is really nothing wrong to try to improve your PC to make changes in the land that you know in advance that it can be risky, and prepared to accept this risk.

For those of you who do not know, the Windows registry a special folder in the operating system contains all information fairly, Windows needs to function properly. All this information is stored in a hierarchy of keys and values to the various functions of Windows and all programs and settings on the computer. Therefore, to change or delete a registry key, without knowing what you're doing, can lead to undesirable results including up to your computer will not boot. Change the Windows registry, the corruption in your operating system. Never changes the registry without a backup first!

A problem with the windows, it is a poor working households. For some reason, that if this program from your PC all entries in the registry are not always completely removed. Some, however, your computer behaves striking and / or worsen the overall performance of the system. A second problem is that the entries in the registry can be very cryptic, and are scattered through the register, so that at least a software engineer and very familiar with the internal workings of the Windows operating system, the entries in the registry are rogue states not to prosecute and eliminate.

For cleaning the registry, you need a tool for cleaning the Registry. I was never a fan of these applications for the simple reason that they can often do more harm than good, so that the trade outside the risk-benefit ratio is simply not worth it. Try to looking the best program in the net.
In any event, the point I am trying to convey is the following: You can have significant improvements in the performance of your computer by now and in optimizing the system of registration, but you must be very careful. It suffices to note these points. Amending the Windows registry manually can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Never changes to the registry, without first a backup of the Registry. If you remember these things, you will keep your computer properly.