Search Engine Optimization


Optimization of search engines should always be before the structure of your site, the colors, layout and design of the site in general. But the majority of people to care for themselves, instead of "the moment", the idea of the wealth instead of "like". They are more visitors to the site. This article is for you again on the right track and you some tips about search engine optimization tactics.

Determine tags
The biggest mistake that most companies that tries to think, a "cool name" for their site, while they are elected, you should use a keyword rich site name. Your search for potential customers for keyword phrases ... no names of companies, ... unless you already have a reputation as. Given the fact that many owners of companies have refrained from ever on the websites to help their business a long time ago, in general because of a bad name of the site of choice. And, it may not be.
Easy to find out what conditions the people are on the lookout. Determining the "action" key words and phrases that people are actually in train to use when they are in search Google, Yahoo, MSN or one of the major search engines. I recommend the search for expressions of keywords, the following key words: buy, need order, download, etc. I am sure that you have the idea. Then you must as a supplier of names, to concentrate the most popular keyword phrases. And, this redirect visitors to your site up to date. And I promise you that you can configure a place of diversion in less than a minute ... even if you afraid of the computer. They need access to your interface hosting of websites, with cPanel are the most popular choice.

Optimizing your web page
After the identification of at least 10 expressions of keywords, I recommend that you optimize your site current page tags for title, meta tags, are old tags. You must begin with these key words in your site content bold in the text underlined text, text and links. Not exaggerated, if these keywords. These key words may be 4-6% on each side. So, if you have 500 words on a Web site, the use of keywords in 20-30 words. Most major search engines index every word from your side and compare as a meta-meta description and keywords. So you do not need to hide or not to add keywords on your web pages. It is a "black hat" tactics and should never be used, unless You want your site will be constantly by the search engine directories.
Most major search engines will not even consider the meta-keywords that this is the reason why the contents of the websites is becoming increasingly important. The excessive repetition of keywords is considered spam, is penalized, your site with a lower rank. And do not forget to mix keywords in various combinations in the side and in your ALT tags used the same phrase again and again.

Link Popularity
One of the most important factors for a good ranking in the search engines is link popularity. The total number of links to your site is important, but the quality of the links are even greater. All search engines are very hungry "on the theme" connections. Links from sites that are the same key word content and focus on the same subject that your site is known under the name "on" connections. Three of the best ways to under the theme "quality to your site, in order to comment on other disciplines to the industry-blogs, comments on industry forums, and submit articles directories. Make sure you have any comments or Articles on high pagerank websites to avoid weak page rank websites.

From Spelling
Added spelling of key words in your meta tag increase can also create your Web site traffic, because many people may misspell keywords, when you click the search directories. As an example, here are different spellings, I found most people when they tried to establish a Web service for the submission, as follows: "free search engine submision", "Sumit", "will", "search egnine Presentation", "subordination" and "Saerchengines".

Add the content costs
The addition of fresh content to your site on a regular basis is another major factor, which plays an important role in your search engine ranking. Adding new content regularly give your visitors a reason to return. The robots of search engines will also have your site more often if you regularly updated. This is one of the main reasons why WordPress blogs are so popular, for the moment. If visitor comments to blog that you have done, the search engine of bots see that this new content. And it really helps your site ranking when the visitors a comment with a link to its website Standing pagerank high. This website is supported by the owners to save time by allowing the visitors to the creation of content for them.

Not kill them, the robots of search engines
Avoid Flash intro pages, where he says, "Click here to IN THE WEB SITE" because the search engines have a very difficult period of indexation (see) something about the intro page. .. unless you have sent us every page of your site on search directories manually, which is much time. Even if the alt-attribute for a different text for the images flash this text is not no matter where nearly as important as the actual text on an index page.

In order to provide the title tag
Take the title of your page simple description, relevant and keyword-rich ", it is easier for search engines to know that each side is about. Keyword Title help the rich search directories, the consumers of relevant search results by helping them to determine whether your site contains what they are trying to find. The description is the most important element in the design of your site, you have to your domain name website.