Disc Drive (CD / DVD) Cleaning


If your CD or DVD (disk) hard drive begins, you have problems, your first thought to replace or repair shop, but a good cleaning and all who needed it.

Here are three methods for cleaning the hard drive. The simplest method is very efficient. The hardest is the most effective method. Since the most difficult method takes a certain amount of time to do so, I recommend you begin the easiest method. If that solves your problems, all our congratulations. If not, try the following method.

The method Disc Cleaner - the easiest method, a data carrier cleaning, which can be bought in shops. The CD is included with the rule a little more bottle their own solution. A few drops of solution on the hard disk and place them in the drawer of the drive (be sure to read and follow the instructions that cleaning up the hard drive). The drive spins the disc and cleans the lens. Unfortunately, this is not that appropriate more than half the time.

The method for cleaning stick - that is what I do, in despair, if the adjustment of the disk is not working, and I do not want the drive apart. From all that required a little more pressure on the goal, flexible floor of a type which at least six inches long. It should not be pointed or rough, the lens scratched. Then you get a blur, thin cloth and water or alcohol to friction in the middle. Put one end of the stick for part of the damp cloth and drag it into the drawer open the hard drive. The goal is to rub wet compartment on the lens to clean. Not much pressure, so you can scratch and damage the target. Try to also blow molding in the hard disk to the whole world that they have accumulated. If you are not on the, on the other method.

The method of dismantling - this method should work, but it compels the reader to dismantle. So, if you're not at home, the reader, please in a shop for repair and computer. Remove the cover from your computer, unplug the cable to the back of the disk, remove all the screws and hold, and drag it to. Remove the screw in the drive housing and remove the lid. The bottom side of the disc is a PCB, if that is what you see when you cover ways to find access to the others. On the right side, you should have a goal that runs on a track. Use a damp, soft cloth for cleaning the lens.

Sometimes, a bad functioning of hard, because there is too much dust or debris inside, make sure also from the inside or cleaned with compressed air, a soft cloth or a cotton swab. To do the disk back into the computer and press your thumb. It is hoped that it works when you turn on the computer.

If these methods work, you get to save some money. If not, you need a better drive, anyway.