Mouse Cleaning


If your mouse slowly or not work properly at all, not left and another to buy cheap mouse. The cause is probably only a mouse dirty. A quick cleaning may fix this problem. You must first determine what kind of mouse that you have. If your mouse over and part of the ball is an indication that you are a ball with the mouse. If you have a lens, you have an optical or laser mouse. Any type of mouse requires a different type of cleaning.

The optical or laser mouse is not cleaned almost as often, the ball mouse, but the surface to rotate and can be further confused. If you are not the surface that the mouse moves, it will soon turn black. For example, once a month or two more, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. The target will probably never be dirty, but if it does take a soft cloth, cotton swabs, or Q-Tip angefeuchtet with window pollutant emissions or alcohol and clean the lens.

The ball mouse need to be cleaned often enough, so you should know well the procedures for cleaning down. The sale of the mouse ball, the more difficult it is to get to the cursor on the screen smoothly. If your mouse on the mouse pad several times to move the cursor to move halfway across the screen, it must be cleaned.

The mouse need not be separated to ensure the restoration, but all running programs so that you may click on something, and it mess. If you decide to unplug the mouse to the computer first. The mouse, power cord can not be separated from the computer during the operation. This could lead to ruin your motherboard.

Turn the ball on the mouse and to find cover, keeps the ball in the search arrows on the cover to show the direction in which to turn. Insert two fingers on the lid and press in the direction of the arrow. Once the lid was shot on a thumb, the cover with your hand and turn the mouse back into the vertical position. The ball and cover should fall, in your hand. If he does not do, shake careful with the mouse.

Wipe the ball with a damp cloth.

Now look at the ball well, and the three roles. Start with cut by the accumulation on the rolls with a fingernail (a knife or steel choose dental also be used to gently), then turn the role and remove the accumulation to the extent. If you make it right, you're back with a bandwidth of kauerte accumulation for each role. Make sure that you have the accumulation of the good. If he falls somewhere, impact and shake it gently until it out.

Take a damp cloth and clean the individual roles in wiping through it, then turning to wipe it again. Continue until the entire film-cleaning. The ball in the ball well and block the lid back on. If the mouse still has problems when it is put together, try again to clean. If that does not work, you need May to buy a new mouse.

It is a good idea to be regularly cleaned, that the surface of the mouse on its own because the surface, the less the dirt inside the mouse and you have to be cleaned less often. If your mouse is used by many people (especially if one of them is ill), would you like to disinfect May to the beginning of the mouse between the users.

Whoala, your mouse will be good again..