Touch Screen Technology


Touch screens are very clearly, shows the precision with the situation of the keys on the display, making the display be used without a keyboard or other devices. Most of these screens of LCD screens, touch screen can easily be achieved in any computer. They were very often since the seventies and very familiar with the settings in detail, on the ATMs and PDAs too.

In fact, the design of a system with a touch screen that the operator by entering is growing in popularity in all areas, and especially the industry. We begin to see the touch screens in our daily lives, but we are not suspects that the industry-LCD touch screens are in fact much used. As we have seen, the industrial LCD displays, or TFT-LCD industry, companies in the industry are very hungry this exhibitions and numerous industrial applications require the use of touch-screen LCD, which can be difficult to deal with environments, such as heat, in the cold or even rain.

In addition, a much easier between man and machine interface for the equipment in the industry in which the reactions to its natural and intuitive. LCD touch-screen light, the role of the engineer or the operator and thus the time for the training of all operators, if you have more capacity for the machine itself. Today, technologies touch screens are robust and reliable enough for use in industrial environments very difficult, where they could be used in security and can take considerably longer than the other screens or normal. These displays offer the reliability of the interaction between what makes them ideal for use in many industrial applications.

From the clean room an office or a warehouse in the diet or the treatment of dust plant, mobile applications for complex computer, a wide range of industrial displays LCD touch screen are now on the market. The only small disadvantage of the touch screen is ergonomically the problem in question, with the emphasis on the fingers when a man is much touchscreen. This question can be repealed but with the use of a simple pen, for example, but obviously, this solution is not really possible, the touch screen of the places on the ticket machines or public kiosks, for example.