Blu-ray Disc, A New Technology


The Blu-ray Disc technology has been on the market in 2006. The new expanded format Blu-ray Disc BD can store more data and is capable of reading in high definition HD audio, photos, videos and digital content for other species.

A standard Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) has the ability to share data from approximately 4.7 GB The 4.7 GB is the capacity of a single DVD. The storage capacity of the DVD is about. corresponds to an average of 2 hours, with some additional features. On the other hand, a film, HD, bandwidth, it needs it five times more. Therefore, the disk also 5 times more capacity for data.

Over time, film studios and TV series, focusing on high-definition. That is why the public should have read the systems, which require a greater capacity and speed. The Blu-Ray technology as the next generation of DVD. The format has the BluRay technology to read, store and save the HD high-definition audio and video.

The Blu-ray disc is likely to replace him digital versatile disc DVD. The Blu-ray Disc will soon become the standard for the display of HD video sequences and storage of PC data. As the Blu-ray format offers its users an increased interactivity and thus advanced the most important companies in the world of entertainment are now the development and adaptation to the new Blu-ray technology. The Blu-ray format offers approximately. up to 66% more storage capacity in comparison to other high-definition DVD formats.

Over time, the demand for the media to save larger capacity of data with a better sound and picture quality. The Blu-ray technology meets these requirements and provides the flexibility in the registry.

There are 3 types of media by the Blu-ray Disc format BD-RE (Blu-ray format rewritable) and BD-R (Blu-ray write access once the format) and the BD-ROM (read Blu-ray) . The size of the DVD and Blu-ray Disc is the same. The structure of the disk Bluray format of the DVD is different, this is the reason that the Blu-ray structure enables the storage capacity of more data.

The Blu-ray disc with high precision has a capacity of 50 GB available for data quickly and transfer rate of 72MB/sec. The storage capacity is about. to ten standard DVDs on CD 1 versatile. There are fewer for the recording and playback of errors in the Blu-ray because of the flatness of the disc. The Blu-ray is very robust against the deformation, even under the conditions of humidity and temperature fluctuations strict. The Blu-ray has hard surface. The coating prevents the hard disk of dust and stains, therefore, the disc can work effectively.