Fix Runtime Error


Ever expressed the wish that you get a pesky away from mistakes in the execution? The best solution is not to escape from problems but to come and meet and the head to defeat, to liberate them by the digital divide, in which they travel, and we hope that they will never again be heard. The run-time errors are not difficult to repair. Even if you are not a computer geek, you can create your own mistakes to be corrected. To ensure that you have a problem, with no IT experience, every time you work on your PC, you will find these simple tips to correct errors, the execution simple.

For users of the computer, here are some of the most common mistakes in the execution: runtime error 6, run-time error 71 and runtime error 226. These errors are that some of the mistakes of the execution occur to your PC. It is always an unpleasant experience, if a runtime error window that something is terribly wrong, while you try to application. If you ignore these errors, execution, then, it is time to do something about the error and never delete them.

First, we can begin to see what applications the cause of the conflict. Sometimes, mistakes in the execution occur because of conflicts between the different programs. To ensure that the root of the problem is, close all applications with the Task Manager of Windows. Most of the time, which should solve the problem, but if it does not do this, we will in the next step.

Sometimes, mistakes in the execution occur because of an error in the application or the program itself. In this sense, a cheque of error correction or the correction of programs that would be made available to your program. This is usually the case for free downloads, where the updates and bug fixes are at a later stage of their location. Do not forget your programs updated with the latest version of bug fixes and patches.

If all these proposals fail, and then reinstall the program could be the issue. The reason is that errors in the execution may occur because of the incomplete installation, from where in some files are missing. Do not forget a backup copy of all files as if you do not want to lose your data in the middle of the re-installation.