Is Your Computer Safe?


Today, the Internet is a prerequisite of the day in the daily activities. Almost 90% of people have been linked in any manner or another. With numerous online transactions, online banking, online shopping. People use the Internet and receive vulnerable to multiple hazards. These threats include viruses, hackers (crackers, etc.). All the Trojans of them in some way trying to destroy, steal, sell and for private information. A natural person who is very little knowledge about these dangers is the most vulnerable. Every day, thousands of hackers want to get into your PC and try to provide information on the credit card number, bank account, etc.

So how to protect these dangers? Now the first thing is to buy a good anti-virus software. Some of the best are a Symantec Norton, BitDefender, AVG Anti-Virus, Panda Antivirus. Do not forget to buy, not a copy of your friend. Shopping helps you to update with the latest virus definitions. Most anti-virus This page also with built-in firewall. The firewall monitors the data you send and receive you, which guarantees NOTEBOOK your personal information from your PC without your knowledge. Some of the world celebrates the programme of Internet security, Norton Internet Security, Kaspersky, Trend Micro Internet Security, BitDefender, AVG Internet Security. These packages are equipped with a built-in virus protection, anti-spyware, antitrojan and antibug. Firewall is one of the best ways to protect you, most threats.

Besides pc pirates are also vulnerable to spyware spyware is a software developed to your personal data. One of the worst case against spyware is sometimes your virus protection is not recognized. Several times, when you download software from an unauthorized What a keygen, a crack or a version torrent file, including spyware installed on your computer and show of fake e-mails on your system has been assigned. Once you on a spyware messages This site is an entry in the register and appears after a few seconds. One of the best to remove spyware is Spyware Doctor.

In addition, a never an e-mail to answer the question about their bank account, credit card number and CVV number or any personal information in relation to the user name and password. Another threat is phishing. In a fake phishing website is almost identical to a real example of a bank of websites registered in two, in username and password. Installation of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox 7.0 can assure you, dass the phishing sites are not open. We must also try to use an anti-virus scanning software before installing.