Spam Buster


Spam. Nobody likes. Nobody wants it. No, we are not talking here about the boxes of meat, but unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant or even inappropriate messages, met our e-mail en masse. While most mailboxes have some type of anti-spam filtering software on their system. Hence, it is increasingly important, for any type of anti-spam filter further. Such a filtering system, designed for Outlook and Outlook

It is interesting to note that Mark Cloud creates a digital model of reputation reporting spam. Each user starts with a neutral reputation. A user to increase the reputation, if it among the first to identify unwanted content. On the flip side, a user is known, incorrectly, if the reports of spam. The result is an automated system, scalable and highly resistant to tampering

Cloudmark Desktop, formerly known as SpamNet and SafetyBar, use a community-based filtering. This community-based filtering system is based on users to report any new spam. Within a few minutes to be a "spammers", they are on a blacklist. At this stage, no other member, that these are mostly spam. Mark Cloud is the same for the same basic process phishing e-mail fraud.

Another advantage is that the software is not because depend on users to configure the settings, it installs in minutes and is easy to use. Cloudmark blocks over 98% of spam in your inbox, and has more than one million users worldwide