Install Windows XP Errors


If you remove every unnecessary piece of hardware from your system and when upgrading Win98/Me to WinXP, you get one of the following messages: “Fatal Error: Setup Cannot Continue. Please Contact Microsoft Technical Support. (Error: 3E6h)” or “WINNT32 this program has performed an illegal operation. WINNT32 caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL”.

Resolve your problem : Do you have programs or hardware devices : System Restore Remover Pro by Definition Software, Intuit Quickbooks, Dell Dimension 8100. Remove both software programs using Add/Remove Programs. The System Restore Remover Pro works only with WinMe, so you won’t be able to use this program with WinXP. Intuit’s Quickbooks is compatible, but Microsoft advises that you remove the program, complete the setup process, and then reinstall it once WinXP is up and running

If your Dell Dimension 8100 has a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card installed, browse to the C:\DELL\DRIVERS\r33637 folder and check for two installation files for the sound card’s drivers, both called Setup.exe. These files are found at C:\ DELL\DRIVERS \R33637 \9x\Setup.exe and C:\DELL\DRIVERS \R33637\NT\Setup.exe; rename both programs to Setup.old