Installation Error Messages


Once upon a time, installing a new version of Windows could turn into a monumental chore fraught with errors and frustration. If you have problem with Error Message: “STOP: 0x0000000Airql_not_less_or_equal.” This error message is triggered when you are upgrading your system from Windows 98/Me to WinXP.

To resolve the problem, restart your computer, if the Setup program gives you the option to revert to your previous OS, take it. When your old OS (whether it’s Win98 or WinMe) restarts, uninstall any antivirus and boot manager software and “clean boot” your computer. A clean boot is a simplified boot sequence that prevents device drivers, startup programs, and other settings from loading at boot time

To clean boot in WinMe, click Start and Run and type msconfig in the Open textbox. Click the General tab and then click the Selective Startup checkbox. Under Selective Startup, click the checkbox to the left of each item to deselect the item. Then, click the Startup tab, find the *StateMgr entry in the list, and click its checkbox to select it. Click OK to accept your changes and click Yes when prompted to restart your computer.

To clean boot in Win98, the steps are fairly similar. To launch the System Configuration Utility in Win98, click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and System Information. Click Tools and then click System Configuration Utility to launch the application. Click the General tab and deselect every item under Selective Startup by clicking each checkbox. Click OK to accept your changes and then click Yes when you are prompted to restart your system. After the computer clean boots, attempt the WinXP installation again