System Restart Has Been Paused


During hibernation, the computer accessed memory incorrectly. You get error message, “System restart has been paused: Continue with system restart. Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu.”

This error occurs on notebooks occasionally after returning from hibernation, the sleep mode in WinXP. There’s no option for returning to the Desktop, so you may lose your work. Use the option to Delete Restoration Data And Proceed To System Boot Menu, which will cause WinXP to reboot. Microsoft will fix this problem in a future WinXP update. For now you can set the power management features on your notebook to use standby mode but not hibernate, but only if the error occurs frequently.


roozbeh said...

hello;I have this problem with vaio laptop and thought for nvidu graphic or for 2GIG RAM(my Ram was 1 GIG and add 1 GIG to in, but diffrent slot and anoder diffrent).thanks for your