How to Remove DRM Protection for Video Files


This is how to unprotect the Video files from Mcft latest technology DRM. So here is the tutorial remove DRM protection :
  1. Install fresh Windows XP SP1 (English)
  2. Download and install WMP9 from Mcft
  3. Make sure you are now able to play the .wmv files from the DVD. That requires running dvdrun.exe, individualizing WMP and finding the right proxy if you are not in US to get the license
  4. Get the DRM2WMV files from the below links
  5. Download Japanese version of WMP9 from Mcft
  6. Doubleclick the downloaded file, it will unpack all installation files to temp directory in your Documents and Settings directory. Get the drmv2clt.dll file and copy it to c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player directory. Cancel the Japanese WMP9 installation.
  7. Edit lines 9-12 of the drmdbg.ini downloaded from step 4 as written bellow

8. Doubleclick drmdbg.exe. It should open WMP. Navigate to your wmv file