DVD, How and What ?


A digital video disc or DVD is one of the most popular forms of media nowadays. It is a visual and mainly for storing videos. However, the data in any form can be stored on a DVD. The size of a DVD are usually the same, that a community of CDs, but the amount of data can be stored, is six times as high. The various DVD versions are based on how the data are stored in this. A DVD-ROM pre-written that the data can not be read. A DVD + R and DVD-R, on which the data can be written and only once on a DVD + RW are written and erased more than once. The laser for DVDs are usually with 650 nm wavelength.

The terms, DVD-Audio and DVD-Video DVD are adequately structured and in the form of audio and video. Other species are used as DVD disk. The term "DVD" is used to form a full non-official "Digital video disc. However, it was officially announced that means "Digital Versatile Disc".

One type has a DVD with 4.7 GB of memory capacity. These panels are only one side and layers, ie the data are not stored on one side of the disc and on the same level. The size is relatively high, for a 133-minutes. The double-sided and double-layer DVD store about 17 GB of data in any form. The speed when writing to a DVD different from 1350 kb / s (1 x) to 26 Mbps (18 x 20 x). If you have a CD, the speed 1 x mean only 153.6 kbit / s.

At the start of incineration or the copying of DVDs is a cheap and skilled people are required to do. Today is the process of writing on a DVD is a piece of cake and everything with a little knowledge of the computer can become a mouse click. The production of DVD authentication requires certain. In addition, certain processes and rules are needed for their production. Present the markets are full of illegal activities and counterfeit DVDs. Particularly in Asia, Africa and Brazil. So certain security measures are for the examination of the illegal activity. Copy of the technical prevention used to prevent illegal copying of the original CD source.

A DVD-video standard is used for storage of video content via the media. In general, the video format, in which the DVD is the MPEG-2, 16:9 aspect ratio videos. The resolution used are 720 * 576 (PAL) or 720 * 480 (NTSC) at 25 and 29.97 SFP. The sound on the hard drive, DTS (Digital Theater System) or AC-3 (Dolby Digital) formats. But a series of resolutions and other formats are also supported. Other features such as the choice of language in the subtitles, menus, multiple audio tracks and more than one angle is also on the DVD-Video.

The DVD-Audio format will be used to provide high-quality audio content. A number of election-configuration (such as the mono to 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound) in a number of sample rates are determined by the DVD-Audio. The enlargement of the storage capacity for storing a higher amount of much more music or audio quality.

Although the DVD-Audio is as technical specifications, the debate about the possibility of audio improvements are in fact different or not, in a typical, always listens. There are a number of successor to the DVD. The largest is the Blu-ray Disc. Others are Maxell's HVD (Holographic Versatile Disc) and the 3D optical disk storage media, which are active in preparation.