10 Thing That Can Damage Your PC ( 1 )


The computers are very similar to humans, where they have a limited life, and like us, there are a number of diseases can cause a computer to digitally to stop. Most of these problems arise from the handling of neglect, negligence, unsafe environment and age, where the average life of the computer system is not more than ten years.

But the neglect of the handling, maintenance and poorly educated, the user of a computer shorten the life span as well as a way of life through negligence cut can we shorten. Here is a list of the ten leading causes of the catastrophic computer failure.

1. Human Error
With not properly shut down the leap into the digitization of records, a user can seriously damage to a computer and hardware, especially the drive and processors, which are not in the right direction with their machine.

2. Production error
A years ago there were only a handful of companies for production of PC, it seems now there is an almost unlimited number of manufacturers and assembly, some have a great experience and resources, others are not more than two guys in a garage And it is therefore not surprising that a growing number of IT systems are flawed, if purchased nine.

3. Bad upgrades
It is not just the computers themselves, the victims of poor workers, the upgrade of computer inexperienced installers can cause terrible problems and defective add-ons such as the RAM can immediately kill a processor. Tries also "overclock" a processor can often fatal to a merger.

4. Mishaps USB device
It seems everything can be connected to a USB port days. However, it may be that your USB device is not suitable for the operating system that you are using defective or May-leads to a fatal short-circuiting.

5. Surge or reduced
The tensions or unexpected breaks can cause not only the immediate loss of data, but can also make a roast. It is not only the power of the box on the origin of the problems are not more, the lightning thrust by cable (including telephone lines) frazzling your system and a collection of static, can similar results.