10 Thing That Can Damage Your PC ( 2 )


6. Dust
A dusty environments can block computer from cooling of the air caused an overheating of the computer. The dust can also be the driver of hardware and particles may be on the maps of circuits and cause a short circuit. Even if the home is not properly cleaned temptation, the problems caused by too much dust.

7. Water / liquids.
A computers with all electrical and electronics and water do not mix, just a cup of coffee could damage of your PC.

8. Heat
The processor can be exceptionally hot and whether a system for cooling the computer is not sufficient (because the machine has been updated, or just overclocked until clogged by dust and dirt), it is not only a matter of time before packages for the right .

9. Cold
Just as with the heat, the computer does not enjoy, not too cold. The transformer does not entirely when the temperature is too cold and processors can permanently frozen when the temperature.

The computers are sensitive machines, simply move to another PC space can cause damage, disrupt the delicate circuitry and hard disks. Withdrawing from a computer or severe knocks and knocks permanently damage the circuits and processors, or oust wiring.

Of course, there are measures that can be taken to a PC, as always ensure every computer was assembled correctly and upgrades are to do everything with care by a specialist.

Finally, there is a low cost the possibility of an additional protection in a PC, in the form of a computer chassis, may be particularly useful if your PC in a dusty, humid environment in different temperatures and depending knocks and knocks.