PC Body Armour


The computers are now everywhere, not only in our offices and our homes, but almost every work environment seems to be now from a PC. Of course, their energy treatment often means the tasks that took hours or days before that date were almost immediately. Even in heavy industry, computers, if they are not replaced, the employees of the people who now run side by side with them. But the computer can be sensitive parts of the equipment and often in certain places in the industry can cause significant problems with the computer science. It would be illegal and unethical, a people under the conditions, hostile, without the proper protection of equipment or safety, but it is very rare that people do the same for the computer.

But often, the conditions that the computers to work are often the cause of many problems associated with the down time, dust, the release of liquid, high temperatures (hot or cold) or sounds and successes of forklift trucks and other machines. Computer courses are very sensitive piece of equipment was for use in offices or houses, and certainly not industrial areas. But millions of PC, to control machines, such as furnaces or pressing in the processing of data on production.

Of course, a specialist for PC available, hot and extreme cold to resist and to be bombarded by dust or liquids. However, these often very expensive machines and computers are developing rapidly to a exponential must be replaced fairly regularly. It is very likely the reason why many users of industrial computers to use cheap computers and regularly replace, rather than being too expensive and quickly outdated specialist for IT industry.

However, there are cost-effective solutions for the protection of PCs in hostile environments in the form of industrial PC chassis. All computers have a kind of plant, which normally only a thin aluminum space, protects the circuit. But for such applications are not appropriate and not enough to protect the PC against the discharge of dust or by entering the heavy machinery.

An industrial PC chassis is with all sorts of materials, including the quality of food made of stainless steel and provides space for a traditional PC protection against dust and liquids, heat and cold (often speaker industrial air-conditioning or heating systems installed to monitor the temperature) and can resist dramatic effects (some even claim to be able to resist the explosion of a bomb).

The industrial IT speakers allow a traditional PC repaired or replaced, with the same enclosure, where the operators the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest updates. Numerous industrial computer speakers can also be used in security even in an explosive atmosphere, such as the racetrack is located in the prevention of dangerous sparks flying. You can also completely sprayed with water and thus perfect accessories for the production of food or regions which frequently hosed.