VGA Card


A graphics card is an upgrade of the hardware (the expansion card), can be connected, on the motherboard of your PC. It is also known under the name of the vga card and other terms. It is mainly used to the games. It also has other applications such as 3D rendering and output, and are rarely examined.

Most people think that a graphics card, slows down the PC using the systems RAM. It is not true. Graphics cards use their own memory and there are protocols that allow the cards for access to a part of memory. But the latest graphics cards have their own built-in memory and not the memory.

If you have a PC player and we want you to believe the reality in the images, the best thing to do is sit down at the PC graphics card. Experience depends entirely on Thursday on a graphics card. The most serious is the burden and the impact on the games, when the graphics settings higher.

The people play the old games with modern graphics cards, but they form the experience of the game slow and of poor quality video. We know that a graphics card is installed in its position on the board. Motherboards have 1 to 3-fold expansion, distinguished. They differ in bandwidth, voltage, and other features.

It is very important to know which slots in the motherboard your systems and buy a correct video card. A graphics card, for a kind of leap can not be installed in a different position. Then you please consider all this when buying a graphics card.