Motherboard Cleaning


Cleaning the board is probably the most dangerous form of cleaning, but it is necessary to prevent the premature death of your computer.

The first thing you have to do is to turn off and consult your computer. Then open the case, access to the motherboard. Otherwise the case open. If you do not know how your case, you will see on the back of the computer on the edge of some screws. These screws May influence on the side panels or upside down U-shaped table, in the sides and at the top. Remove the screws you can take off the lid. On the other cases, the screws on the front of the computer. In order to have access to these screws, you must first remove the front panel by clicking on a bar hidden. The coverage is to give access to your computer if you are strong enough, you should know how to remove it.

Remember, if you do not touch on the main board, you should ground with one of the two, touch the metal chassis of the computer with your other hand and wearing a special device on earth. The goal of cleaning the motherboard, all dust and debris on the main board of the Interior and for all components of the case.

The best method is to use a can of compressed air to skip. Always keep in a right position to prevent the chemicals, the propeller damage, or damage to the components. Dust and dirt are blown, the motherboard, into and out of the thing. Another way to remove dust, is a vacuum. The advice is to use only one battery, as a gap AC causes static and static can spoil the main board. I have a gap AC (before I knew that this is not recommended) for cleaning my mother ever again, and it has never caused problems, but I was lucky in May. If the gap, hold the nozzle a pair of customs on the board or other component, so that they are not with them in contact and for all that the small coins are not removed in a vacuum.

If you are not a box with compressed air or an empty, you can use a dry cloth and brushes for cleaning the main board. Be careful not to displace or break something with this method. Although the board cleaning it, not separate or cable connections to displace or lose everything elements, as the riders.

If your computer does not work when you are back at the same time, is of course a bit crowded during the cleaning. Open the case and do all the connections and the cards in their niches. Search for everything were separated.

Don't forget to clean your motherboard at least one in six month to care your computer work properly.