Windows Registry Replacement


There are many alternatives thirds of virtually all the tools with Windows. ScanDisk is replaced, with various tools for recovering data, well above the very limited tool for Windows, Outlook Express is not everything better than any other e-mail client on the market; Windows Task Manager has a number of free and commercial alternatives. Even Internet Explorer has a number of third party damages provide a better security and more features. Regedit is no exception to this trend.

Instead of cloning "Regedit" feature of Microsoft function offers numerous advantages for its users invisible on each tab tool from Microsoft. Not only is he the Windows registry, it can find to correct the error and automatically. Cleaning by the firm, improves the performance of your PC. It reduces the space requirement, the waste is disposed of, and the Registry compact, so that Windows will run faster and smoother.

All this optimization is a direct replacement for Windows Regedit, but patience! Give their users a way, very easy for the Windows Registry for navigation and all the available functions in Regedit, and much more! Much more research is a search for the registry much practical that the Windows Regedit.

Manage the registration does not end with the issue, search and replace. REG files, and you have the opportunity to preview it. REG files before or instead of the import into the system. Defragment and compact Windows registry to ensure the optimal performance of the computer, change the settings of Windows without papers, without the risk to play by the Registry, and many other things that you do not regedit.exe!