Increasing Internet Conection Speed


One of the most common questions about Windows is how to establish the Internet connection. This tips maybe help you, and work for Windows Vista and XP.

- Optimization Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) and TCP Receive Windows (RWIN), with Speed Guide TCP Optimizer
TCP Optimizer is free and you can download site Speed Guide, it's enough types "SG TCP Optimizer" on Google or other search engines, you should be able to find . So you can recognize and configure the registration of your network connection TCP, automatic installation of the good value of MTU and RWIN in the system registry. Do not forget to restart Windows after this setting.

- Turn off car TCP
In order to activate previous settings, you must use the TCP car in Vista:
i) Press the Windows key and type cmd. exe, then CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER, as an administrator. In the window, type "Netsh interface tcp SET GLOBAL Autotuning = disable" then.
ii) If you want to automatically enter Netsh interface tcp SET GLOBAL Autotuning = normal ".

If your Internet connection or slow decline after disabling the automatic TCP, enough to the back.

- The use OpenDNS
Your ISP DNS server has an impact on your Internet connection answer, you can try a better and faster DNS server, and a OpenDNS is quick and easy DNS server. Unfortunately, in some countries of the connection is too slow to use this service.

- Google Web Accelerator (GWA)
All the major Web browser a proxy server, this technology extends from the Google Web Accelerator, a tunnel connection between your computer with low bandwidth to Google high-speed server, Google, and compresses the data before sending in your Web browser To generally increase!
The formula is simple: The Web accelerator Google invites the target page faster with broadband connection, then compressed with super-fast server with the processing before sending to your computer and connection with low bandwidth will be faster because the data are smaller than then broadcast by the Google Web Accelerator on your computer, and extract the data on the Web browser.

- using the Web browser faster
Try a Web browser faster Mozilla Firefox or Apple's Safari, they will use fewer resources and usually much faster than Internet Explorer. You should Internet Explorer Web pages for special effects, but can you deal with a speed of faster navigation with Firefox and Safari.

This raises your Windows-speed Internet connection problems when these 5 tips do not work, you must reinstall Windows, or contact your Internet Service Provider!