Is Your Operating System Safe ?


It is often said that some operating systems are safe, and some are not. On the one hand, it is applicable, and secondly, it is not. No one operating system is in complete safety. We must always be the only unusual operation or operating system. Most of hackers have an interest to find vulnerability in the operating normally, because there is more hope, when the attacks by hackers to find just hole in the system of operation, which only a few percent of the users. But that does not mean that one of this operating system is no longer safe. If the majority of PC users will change the system operation, because someone else is safe, the result hackers concentrate on this operating system.
Not believe in raising awareness for the security in this way. You can use your data with anti-virus, anti-spy ware program, with firewall and keep the operating system and all types of anti-virus programs updated. It is cheaper, easier and safer. Just update your antivirus sofware and your computer will safe from hackers.