Re-Format Operating System


In some cases it is because you have reason to suspect that the virus has damaged your system, because your PC is slower, so that wherever he was, or even as a practice of care, reformat the computer can be a good means to clean the waste and then all the speed of calculation for your PC, if it is for the first time. This provides a step-by-step to give you a good process of reformatting.

In a first step, a copy of the operating system, you want to install all the files and for the installation of the programs that you most need, or at least sure to know where they receive. You need backup copies of all important data on your hard drive. Save all important files ( "safe" is the choice of maintaining the entire C: \ Documents and Settings \ on Windows, and / home folder on Linux) for an optical drive or an external USB hard drive. Don't forget to dismantle and remove the hard disk before the system to restart. Considered in securing the main application documents and an archive of your e-mails. If this is the first time that the computer format, it is always better to take at least one or two days to ensure that you do not see all folders in the fuse.

The next step, the CD / DVD of your choice and operating system. If nothing is done, that there is a little more time: If you reboot, make sure the first news and press the button to start the setup screen ( depends on the system), and select the CD-ROM, as the first device on the course - you may want to reverse this setting when you have finished the restructuring).

At this point, your system to start from the CD-ROM. Follow the instructions carefully, especially when you are prompted to format your hard drive, and delete all the files - if you are sure that all data are safe and supported, an appointment with the operating d 'installation. This usually takes one to two hours and requires little configuration by the user (including the assignment keyboard, the language of the system is the time, the user names and passwords ...).

Once the system is installed, you can use the installation CD-ROM. If you wish, to change a parameter, so that even if you have forgotten, a CD-ROM in the drive of your PC is not objects, the imagination - to do that, you see the instructions above. Now, everything you need to do is simply that your device for data backup and copy all the data into the new system. Install all the applications you need is from the plumbers on the Internet, and finally a restart more time . If you are under Windows, it might be a good idea, an anti-virus in the shortest time.

If you follow these steps, your new system, like new and faster operating system !