Video Format ( 2 )


RM format
RM format developed by Real Networks Corporation is a video format for streaming media. It includes RealAudio, RealVideo and real Flash. To play and in real-time video files in close bandwidth Internet, Real Media are different degrees of compression depending on the bandwidth. Real video is for the transmission of video data. Except during normal play as a video file, it can also work with real server. Real encoder converts in real-time video Real Media format, is the dissemination of real server. They profit when you download the video. Unlike the many other video formats, it is not necessary that the RM format to download the file throughout the videos before they are played. Today, many sites offer the Real Video files. You can use RealPlayer or RealOne Player for the playback of compressed video from the Real Media technology. Another important feature is the format of video files can be played without having to load if you RealPlayer or RealOne Player.

RMVB format
As the legacy that of RM, RMVB format based on the RM format. The advantage is the format, RMVB abandon Average bit variable bit rate and use the compression of video data. For variable bit rate technology, the quality of video files improved considerably, although the size of them is acceptable.

The DivX technology
DivX, developed by DivX, Inc. is a new technology for video compression, which allows the users to create and test high-quality videos for a quick and practice. For his exceptional quality of the DivX codec is one of the most popular MPEG-4 codec is based. It integrates MPEG-4 and MP3 technology, that it takes the DivX technology to compress the data, DVD video, while MP3 or AC3 is used to the audio compression. The quality is so super that there is little difference between the DivX videos and DVDs. Another advantage is remarkable in comparison to DVD, DivX videos with the same picture quality in only 1 / 10 the size. In particular, it is ideal for downloads of films. In a word, the video format is very popular and loved by many film enthusiasts.


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