Hard Drive Change Guide


A frustrating computers could fail the hard drive unless you're one of the ways, the learned, back up your data regularly before everything to lose.

An internal hard disk or is a component that are in your computer and is the place that all files and folders as well as your operating system are stored. Without a hard drive of your PC will not work. If you are unlucky enough for your hard drive will not read to learn to modify it to a new one.

As a rule, if a disk is doomed to fail, it is unlikely that any judgement work without some form of announcement. Often, by clicking on the noise, the warnings appear regularly your system or a collision regularly at irregular intervals. Once you are sure that your hard drive is to blame, you get a drive. In a desktop PC is relatively simple process - with a laptop or notebook computer, it is likely, especially if the manufacturer ideal, talk to the manufacturer first.

To begin, you must specify the type of hard disk, which you are currently using. There are two types or hard - PATA and SATA. SATA disks are relatively new, if your computer in a few years, he will not see, probably not SATA. PATA more frequently in the old machines and has the 4-pin power cable as well as the standard IDE cable - the same type of cable, a standard CD / DVD-ROM drive. SATA connectors are much smaller size - almost one third the size of the IDE connector.

If your SATA hard disk is then you only need to connect and work conditions, PATA, you must make sure that the setting of the reader is as a master - This is usually done through a small bridge over the bolts to an end. Normally it is a chart illustrates the pins, you need to close down. In general, most of them come from work as a captain.

After confirming the type of hard, then you have to buy, you must use the hard disk itself. You can find more options to the top of the type of connection you choose. The speed and size of the buffer, and of course the size. The greatest speed of the disk with the largest buffer that you can afford is recommended. In addition to this course is on the size, that is your own decision, but go rather than smaller. Most of the time, for an average user, the smallest of the reader offers plenty of space.

Once you bought your hard drive, you must use the device to the computer and unplug the cable. Remove the panel of the case and cleaning the dust in your machine. With caution, the cease its existing hard disk drives mounted. This rule by screws, but before the cameras of computers vary.

With the new hard drive, reinstall your operating system must required - so ideal, by a resumption of the CD-ROM, but not if a copy of your favorite operating system and license key will be required . Be prepared so that it takes some time. If you have any valuable data on your hard drive -standard will allow a portion or all of this data.