BIOS Update Tips


  • If you have trouble with the installation of your new BIOS, please check the following steps: Have you done an own boat? In other words, you follow the above procedures to produce a bootable floppy? This ensures that at the start of "A" There is no device driver on the floppy. Otherwise, make a clean start is the most frequent cause of the conviction of a "memory" error message if you try, a flash BIOS.
If you do not have a boot floppy, make clean, either by boat
a) press F5 during the boot process
b) the elimination of all drivers in the CONFIG.SYS, including HIMEM.SYS. Do this by using the command EDIT
  • Make sure never to disable or turn on your computer during the process of Flash. This is confirmed by the BIOS. We also recommend that you have a copy of your current BIOS on the boot disk, you can reflash, if you need it. (This option is not available if a flashing AMI BIOS).
Do you have the complete filename of the utility of flash BIOS and the total of their enlargement?
Remember that you often need a drive letter (a: \) before Flashen BIOS. For example, on the question of filename of the new BIOS, see the file on your disk, in case you are working on c:\ your will need to type a:\615j900.bin, rather than 615j900.bin only.

Have you begun under DOS?
Launch of Windows is another common cause of the conviction of a "memory" error message if you try, a flash BIOS. Make sure the system booting DOS with a minimum rate of pilots. Important: boot into DOS does not mean you start the computer in MS-DOS mode "Windows98/95 Shutdown menu or go to the command prompt mode Windows NT, but according to the procedure referred to above (format a: /s and rebooting from a:\)