How To Change A Cmos Battery


Inside a computer is a completely wrong place of electricity and bones. On the electricity market still later work on your computer, make sure it remains plugged into the wall socket and the camera is off, it is to ensure that any static. You are discharged by the earth. The interior of the computer most cases are unfinished metal and a very lively, you must be careful.

The first signs of a battery are as follows:
  1. Your hours begins to run slowly
  2. if you boot (start) your computer has a problem, see your hardware (no hard drive or CD-ROM)
To change the battery, you need the following tools
  1. a point X-screwdriver
  2. a belt anti-static (optional)
  3. a new battery (seems logical)
Then, drag all cables at the rear of the computer you delete a note where they came from. (So if you're done, you can return). Move the computer anywhere, anywhere, can be easily. Remove the cover using screws around the outer edge (back) of the computer. Some computers require that only if you remove 2 screws on one side, then a panel can be removed, so that access to computers inside pages, you need other 6 screws and remove any event , You backward and lift you.

Now, make sure that security so static. Looking inside round, you will see a thing, money is a little like a large piece of 10p (quarter). This is the battery itself, only the clip and drag the battery. This has been deleted and now on the local PC, dealers, distributors, electric (Tandy / Radio Shack), the former battery with you and receive a new battery. Return to your computer Insert the new battery by lifting the clip the wings and battery in

Install your case and connect all the cables back (you forgot to label them not). Now for the fun. You should now go into the BIOS setup. The law is the God of your computer BIOS. To get there, if your computer starts for the first time you see a black screen with white text. If you see a line that says something like "Press DEL to install" or another key (F2 or registers or ESC), you go to the house of God, where you can find many changes to the way that your machine works.

It is also the place where you can refine your computer into a nice rather expensive door stop so be careful and not go with something to play. They are now with a blue screen with a multitude of options, Those whom we want is to optimize the load / defaults. Press F10 and you will enter your computer must be restarted. If everyone, what went well, while the computer is then to run