How to do Hard Disk Defragmentation


File fragmentation of your hard drive's file structure will cause poor performance when you start you computer, cause it to react slowly when you try to open a file or application. You can use the built in Disk Defragmenter or you can purchase a third party product.

For a pc the built in defragmenter program will work just fine. Depending on the size of the drive and how fragmented it is will determine how long it will take to combine all of your files. Before you start the defragmentation you should go to the temp folders and delete all the files there, they are useless unless you have a program open and there is a file in the temp folder for the application to use until you save it.

To get the best defrag of your hard drive close all programs, email, word doc processor, all of them or run it in 'Safe Mode'. You may want to run the program after your business day and let it run over night, some times on a really fragmented drive it will take a couple of hours or more to complete the task