Video Cards Repair


Video has two components, the card and the monitor. Video cards just keep on getting better and better, faster and faster, higher and higher resolution. Sometimes when you have a video problem the computer will beep. If the video is embedded on the main board and the video goes out you have two choices. You can change out the main board (if you have a proprietary computer and it is still under warranty then it may be free) or you can install another video card.

Some times the older cards would cause the screen to flicker or change colors unexpectedly. Then again the old monitors would do that also. If you suspect you are having a video problem. the screen is off center, it is fuzzy, it is to dark or to light there are three sources for the problems. One could be the video cable, one could be the card, or it could be the monitor

So you checked your cable, it is tight, you reseated the card, no change still have a fuzzy display. If you have a spare display connect it to your system, if the video isn't fuzzy then you have eliminated the need for a test program, it is the monitor. If it is still fuzzy then you eliminated the monitor, it is the card.