Power Supply Repair


Power supplies are one of the most reliable components in your computer. With only one moving part and a design to compensate for heat the power supply should out last the rest of your computer. Power supply failure is catastrophic, by that I mean it is either working or not working. There is no post or beep code, nada, the computer will not start. Most power supplies have a label on them that give you the wattage and maybe a manufacture with a part number.

If you have to replace a power supply because of failure I suggest you go to a higher wattage power supply. Next you want to look at the connectors. The connectors are two types, the mother board power connector and the accessories power connectors (connectors for drives, fans, etc.). Some ATX power supplies also come with the SATA power connectors. The main power connector will be the AT (almost obsolete) or ATX, the AT has 20 pins, the ATX has 24 of pins. Next you need to know the dimensions of the power supply, if you purchase a power supply that is to big to fit into the bay the old one came out of you will have to return it and get the correct size